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Getting Ready For Prom

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Ask any high school senior what’s that one event that they are most looking forward to and you will find that there are very few who don’t say ‘Prom’. Students prepare and look forward to it all year. Girls get their prom dresses, guys get their suits fitted, and there is a certain pressure to make a great impression.

One of the most difficult problems guys face when it comes to prom however, is their prom outfit. In the pressure for everything to roll out perfectly for themselves and their dates, the stress of choosing the right outfit and accessories doesn’t help at all.

Well, here’s a tip; keep it classic, timeless and tasteful.

How? We’ll tell you!

The Suit

The main part of the outfit is the suit—which also makes it the most difficult choice to make. After all, the suit is what makes all the difference. When you’re going to your senior prom you want to make sure that you look elegant and sophisticated—but not overdone.

The classic choice would be a suit with a black slim-fit tuxedo with self-print to add a touch of class. Take a look at this Black Biarelli. If you want to go for something jazzier for a hint of glamour, this cream and gold tuxedo will set you apart from the crowd.


The Tie

The best tie for a prom event is a bow-tie. Get one that will match your tuxedo jacket and trousers. If you don’t already have a nice bow-tie, check out our collection here.

One of our favorite ones is this satin teardrop bowtie with removable rings that will go with the classy gentleman-in-black look. For a fancier get-up, these silver rhinestone ones will make sure to jazz up the entire outfit.

The Shoes

Finally, the last thing that really gels the entire look together and makes it pop, are the shoes. When putting your look together for the prom you need to make sure that your shoes match the outfit and at the same time, make you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re going for a black tuxedo, this Masimo black slip-on will go with the color and give you the look of a true gentleman. If you’re going for a more prince charming vibe, this Masimo fancy dress shoe could be what you’re looking for.

Want to experiment with your look at senior prom? Here are some more of our men's 2 piece suits sale to choose from. For a Steve Harvey inspired look, check out our patterned suits. Buy a suit online today!

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