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Selecting a Necktie In 3 Easy Steps

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What do you think is the best part about suiting up? You’re likely to say either ‘the right tux’, or ‘the right tie’—both of which are correct. Often a distinguishing feature in the entire get-up, ties add a finishing touch to a gentleman’s look.

However, finding the right tie takes a lot more than stepping into a store and picking what you think would suit you. There is a lot that goes into choosing the right one. Here’s how to make a smart decision when buying a neck-tie.

Start With The Basic Rules

The most important considerations are your physical build and the kind of style you prefer. When looking at your options, pay special attention to the length and width—the ideal necktie shouldn’t be more than 3—3.75 inches for a person with an average build and should at least reach your belt’s buckle.

Another thing to make sure of is that besides your own physical build, the tie should also match the size of the lapels of your blazer or the suit jacket.

A Word On Colors And Patterns

To achieve an elegant and sophisticated look, it’s always good to opt for solid or semi-solid colored ties. If you’re feeling a little fancy, a lightly patterned tie is also a great option to bring out the best in a solid colored suit.

In case you want to stand out and make a statement, a bold colored tie will complement a plain shirt and set you apart from the crowd. The best way to wear a bold or patterned tie is to make sure that the colors don’t clash or dull down the colors of your suit.


Getting Down To The Tie Knot Styles

Another important thing to always keep in mind when you’re selecting the right tie is the kind of knot that will go with your shirt collar. If you’re going for a widespread collar, Half or Full Windsor Knots are good options. However, if point collars are more your style, a Four in Hand Knot will work best.  

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