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A Groom’s Guide to Getting Dressed on Their Wedding Day

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Wedding magazines do a great job at flaunting those gorgeous wedding dresses. And while we all love flipping through the glossy pages taking in the sheer magnificence of white luxury we rarely see anything on the groom’s outfit!

While looks may not make a man, how you choose to present yourself certainly sets the tone and vibe for the event. When you know you’re looking your best, you beam with confidence that helps you feel your matrimonial best.

If you’re looking for tips to help you put the perfect wedding look together, here’s a guide.

Setting On A Suit Type

There’s a lot more to a suit than a jacket, a shirt, a tie, and trousers. Take a quick minute to Google ‘men’s suits’ and you’ll be surprised and the amount of information you find.

To select just the right kind of suit, you need to keep in mind the theme you’ve decided and the bridal look to be able to match it. Is it simple and neat? Is the bride wearing a boho-theme? Is the theme floral or are you getting married at a winter wonderland?

Keeping these in mind, take a look at our collection and see which one suits your fancy and fits the occasion. We have several different cuts, colors, patterns and styles.


Finding The Most Flattering Fit For You

One way to avoid looking like you weigh more than you do at your wedding is to go for a fitted suit and stay clear of any frills. Check out this classy black slim-fit style and see if this is something you could rock.

If you want to appear taller, match your shoes to your suit to make sure that the gaze doesn’t break when taking the whole look in. If you want to appear to have a broader chest, go for a double breasted suit featuring strong shoulders.

A Word On Ties

When you’re finally down to deciding what tie to wear, the options are endless. All you really need to know is what would complement your style and what look you’re aiming to create.

Add a splash of color to your entire outfit, or highlight your bride’s bouquet with our huge collection of ties. 

Looking for an online place to help you find your ideal wedding look? On Time Fashion Savannah will not disappoint you. Go through our 2 piece suits to see if you find the one you’re looking for. Or search through our patterned suits in our Steve Harvey-inspired collection to add class to your event. Buy a suit online today!

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