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Wardrobe Check – Versatile Suits Every Man Should Own

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Suits are a necessary fashion statement that every man who aspires to be successful should own. Whether it’s a social occasion or formal business events, you are expected to wear an appropriate suit.

However, not all men can afford new suits every time there’s a corporate lunch or when a friend is getting married. So the best plan of action is to have the basics covered by filling your wardrobe with the essentials.

Here are some suits that will help you cover all your event bases and provide bang for your buck:

The Plain Navy Two-Button:

The way a simple black dress is a part of every woman wardrobe, a plain navy two-button should be a part of every guy’s wardrobe. This type of suit is good for everything from court appearances to job interviews. Be smart and chose the right fabric so you can use the suit year-round!

The Plain Grey Two-Button:

Similar to the navy suit, a plain grey suit with a top notch will make you look good at almost any event. The various shades of grey can be good for different times of the year. For example, a dark charcoal suit gives a good look at formal or wintery occasions, while a light grey has a more summery feel. The best part about a great suit is that no one will notice if you wear the same suit for two or three days in one week!

The Dinner Suit!

While dinner invitations with black tie dress codes aren’t frequent, a black suit can come in handy now and then. It’s best to invest in a custom-fitted black suit that you can dig out and dust off every time there’s a swanky office party! 

The Light Colored Summer Suit:

In summer, you don’t want to be sweltering in heavy, dark suits but you also don’t want to give up looking stylish and put together. Your best bet is to get a light-colored suit and pair it with a matching dress shirt to pull off the casual yet smart look. Select light and airy fabrics that will allow the air to circulate and prevent you from sweating. Also, ditch the tie for a more comfortable and outdoorsy look.

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