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Polish Your Look - Clever Tips to Achieve Perfection When Wearing a Suit

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According to recent studies, ‘dress for success’ is actually much more than a catchy motto. Wearing nice clothes and smart suits affects the way people perceive you in the workplace. It also makes you more confident and increases your chances of getting noticed by those who matter.

Rocking a suit with complete perfection is all about the details. Anyone can pull off a great suit if they pay close attention to the factors that are responsible for enhancing your style and making you look smarter, confident, and more refined.


Here are some subtle tips to help you look sharper in a suit:

Pay Attention to the Shoulder Fit:

The hardest area to tailor and get right on a suit is the shoulders. The dreaded shoulder divot can ruin the look of a perfectly good suit. So before you start looking up online stores that sell great suits, you might want to get professional measurements done by a tailor to get the right fit.

Invest In Quality Shoes, Belt, And Dress Shirt:

A lot of people end up paying a lot for a great suit, but forget vital additional elements. A great suit can only look great if it’s accessorized with high-quality shoes, a belt, and a dress shirt to match. So don’t skimp when it comes to buying these or you’ll end up with a cheap-looking expensive suit!

Avoid Sweat Marks!

Sweating is inevitable when you wear a suit. Sweat stains can ruin even the best looking suits. Do yourself a favor and start wearing a sleek, sweatproof undershirt to guarantee your sweat doesn’t seep through and ruin your look!   

Get A Complimenting Tie For Your Dress Shirt:

The acceptable rule for wearing a tie is that it should be darker than the shirt you’re wearing to create balance. Another important tie rule is to make sure the pattern of the tie and the shirt doesn’t mismatch. So if you’re wearing a checkered shirt, opt for a paisley tie to complete the look.

Wearing Matching Shoes and Belt:

Another important tip to create a more cohesive look is to try and match your shoes to the belt. This gives a more refines and put-together vibe to casual onlookers without much effort on your part!

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