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Tips to Dress up As Prom King

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Whoever says you can only win the Prom-King title if you have a sports team backing you up is wrong.

Here’s a bit of news for you: it’s more about style than it is about anything else!

You can campaign day and night, distribute favors to voters every day or even slide into their DMs to prove that you’re a smooth talker AND hot. But nothing will win you that crown unless you put some work into your wardrobe. The ladies might fall for the charm but only if you exude the same appeal through your ensemble on the big night.

You don’t have to toss a coin to decide between a tuxedo and a suit. It’s all in the details! Focus on that and pick your style; we’ll handle the rest. 

Here’s a quick guide to dressing for your prom night.

First Things First: Tux or Suit?

While prom nights are commonly thought to be black-tie events, they just might not be the same this year around. It’s better to stay up to date with the theme for the year before you start working on your outfit.

If it is a black-tie event, a tuxedo is the perfect choice of wear. They’re a million times more formal—and let’s admit it, sexier—than a suit. Sporting a suit like Harvey Specter is a completely different ballgame. You think you can pull that off? GO FOR IT! But know that you also run the risk of looking like El Profesor--without the brains. Which is to say, you might look a tad bit less formal for the occasion.

You can also take a break from the classic midnight black suits and go for a patterned suit for a chic appeal. A suit that’s tailored by the best will accentuate your muscles and make you look good on any night. But with that satin finish and silk bowtie, a tuxedo is more of a sure shot for prom night!

Bowtie or Tie

If you decide on a tuxedo for the occasion, there’s not a better option that exists than a bowtie. Even with that, there’s a vast variety of options to choose from.

If you’re comfortable with bedazzling your outfit with a rhinestone-studded necktie, be our guest.

And if you want to exude a more traditional charm with a sooty black apparel and a matching bowtie, we can assist you with that too.

However, if you go with a suit, you have plenty styles, designs and colors in neckties to choose from. Pick a contrasting color with a dark suit or a matching shade for your suit, it’s entirely up to you.

Although, if you’re in the mood for spicing things up a bit, we’d be happy to be your wingmen! We have the right resources to take you on a fashion adventure cruise; trust our taste, you won’t be disappointed.

Shoes Fit For a King

I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it!

That’s the kind of attitude we like when it comes to shoes. You can afford to compromise on everything but not shoes. Because you literally need to step up your shoe game if you want to be crowned the prom king!

Be it our best-selling Sparko 16 Gold Spike Loafers for kingly pomp or our Oxford tans that say who’s the boss, we can complete your look for the night with the most fabulous footwear. And it’s important that you don’t neglect your shoe choice because people make shoe contact before they meet your eye. We’re all in for giving every man their Cinderella moment because, why not? Check out our shoe collection right away.

Our men’s fashion prom suits and Stacy Adams shoes are on sale online. Check out our discounted stock before we run out of it!

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