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Be Comfortable In Your Skin: Should Your Skin Decide Your Suit Color?

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While it’s true that you can look great in any color as long as you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, some shades do complement your skin better. It’s all about aesthetics and the choices you make to highlight your complexion better. 

Preferring lighter tones over dark ones is a personal choice and reflects in no way that you’re not proud of your color. You can try on different shirts and suits in the mirror before your land on the shade that’s perfect for you.

Every man can style a suit in blacks, blues and grays as long as they pick the right shade. Here’s what you need to know to make the right choice.

Complexities of Complexion

Even though there are more skin colors in the world than we can count, we can categorize them into three broad categories:

  • Dark hair, dark skin
  • Dark hair, light skin
  • Light hair, light skin

So on a scale of Will Smith to Ryan Gosling, you can have a variety of hair-and-skin combinations, with many Bradley Coopers and Robert Ri’chards falling in between.

With a pool of colors that is that extensive, you need to come up with unique color choices to complement their looks. As a standard choice, men with high contrast (light skin and dark hair) go with contrasting suit colors whereas those with low-contrast complexions choose a monochromatic look that blends with their natural color. 

However, if you’re choosing a suit for your big day, it’s best to stick to traditional choices that men have relied on for decades. Nothing beats the classic appeal of blacks, blues, grays or tans.

Pale Complexions

If you’re whiter than the Cullens, dark suits will bring out your skin tone better. It can concentrate all the attention on your face, where it ideally should be!

If you have light hair too, you might want to break free from the conventional white-shirt-dark-suit combo because the white of your shirt will conflict with your skin. Choose a monochromatic shirt that lets you highlight your face.

And of course, for a party in spring, you can flaunt your wardrobe of light-colored suits because that’s the right time for it! Your golden tan and blond hair will give you a celebrity charm.

Dark Complexions

You’re blessed with a complexion that makes wardrobe choices simple. With that rich skin and dark hair, you can pull off any style with ease. However, you might want to swap browns that are too close to your natural color.


If you’re a fan of midnight black and charcoal grays, pair them with the right color of the shirt. You might want to break the darkness of your attire and your face with a lighter shirt to create a beautiful contrast.

With all these color choices, the aim is, ultimately, to look good and feel great. Choose a suit from our collection that fits perfectly!

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