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Picking the Perfect Pocket Square and Tie For Your Suit

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You’ve found the perfect suit, a crisp shirt to wear underneath and classy shoes to match. You look chic and feel great, there’s only one problem—everyone at the event looks just like you!

When it comes to suits, men often find themselves stuck. They lose themselves in a world of navies, charcoal grays, and deep neutrals. Though you can’t go wrong with these staple colors, you can end up looking like everyone else.

So how do you stand out in a crowd of suits?

Pocket squares, ties, and other accessories allow you to infuse personality into otherwise dull outfits. The right pocket square can add the pop of color you need to make you look different to everyone.  

Use our guide to pick the perfect square and tie for your suits:

1. Color

If you don’t know how to match your pocket square to your tie, use the color wheel to help you out. You can use complementary colors (colors on the opposite side of the wheel), triadic (equilateral triangle) or analogous (adjacent) color scheme.

2. Pattern

If you’re wearing patterns or prints, you have 3 options to match your tie and your pocket.


Solid Color Ties with A Patterned Pocket square: Your tie could be of one of the secondary colors in your printed/patterned pocket square.

Both Tie and Pocket Square Have Prints and Patterns: When both the patterns and prints are the same, you need to ensure that the spacing and proportions are different.

Ties with thin stripes go with pocket squares with stripes; however, the thickness of the stripes should differ.

Patterned Tie and Solid Pocket Square: This combination works when a secondary color in the tie matches the pocket square.

3. Fabric

The purpose of the pocket square is to break the jacket and to add some color and some textural variety to the outfit. Fashion experts suggest that the fabric of pocket square look and feel different to the material the suit is made out of.

For example, a lightweight linen or silk pocket square beautifully compliments thick, woolen jackets.

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