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Men's Neckties – Find the Best Tie For Your Collar Shirt

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Men don’t grow up wearing neckties, so it’s understandable that so many of them have trouble finding the best neckties for collar shirts.

We’re gathered a few tips to help you out:


1. Chambray

Chambray is a more sophisticated version of denim. It looks like denim from a distance but its lighter and has a softer weave.

Chambray shirts work with solid knit ties; their bulky texture beautifully complements the rough, rugged look of chambray shirts. Patterned woolen ties also look good on chambray shirts. The pattern and texture of the tie contrast with the texture of the shirt.

Avoid wearing any sort of glossy tie with a chambray shirt; these kinds of ties are better for formal looks.

2. Classic Check

Classic checkered shirts are staples you need to have in your closet. They’re just formal enough for the office and if you roll up the cuffs, they can work for smart-casual looks too.

You can wear solid ties made out of any material as well as ties with thin stripes. Striped ties have just enough pattern to break up the checks of the shirt and add a little fun to otherwise plain looks. You can even go for ties with smaller checks if you like playing with patterns.

Avoid wearing ties that have checks of the same size as the shirt.

3. Striped

Usually, the stripes of a dress shirt can’t be seen from a distance because of how fine the stripes are.

If your shirt has tightly placed, thin stripes, wear ties of solid colors or stripes. Even though classic striped shirts look formal, you can dress them down for casual events by wearing them with a knitted tie and the right jacket.

4. Herringbone

Sick of your plain shirts? Try wearing herringbone shirts instead. Herringbone shirts are touted as the interesting cousin of plain formal collar shirts by fashion experts. Herringbones are also patterned, except the pattern isn’t as visible because it’s all in the same color. The result is a solid color shirt with a slight twist.

Most ties will work with kinds of shirts, but you should avoid wearing knitted ties because they can look too chunky against the weave of herringbone shirts.

Have a better idea of how to match ties to your collar shirt?

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